Alcohol and Arthritis

Two peas in a pod? Doctors certainly think not. Medical implications can arise from drinking alcohol, for everyone, but these are certainly exaggerated by the medicines used to manage arthritis. Take methotrexate for example, it gives your liver a battering which is why we have blood tests every three months to keep it under control. Our bodies certainly don’t need another battering from additional alcohol. I know when my doctor told me about how I should limit my alcohol consumption, I interpreted that as I’ll never be able to drink. That really did make me slightly anxious for university, I was really concerned that I would miss out, because we all know university and alcohol are two peas in a pod. Drinking alcohol plays its role in socialising at university. I was nervous that people would judge me but also being honest having a drink and a party looked and sounded like SO much fun.

So I decided I certainly wasn’t going to miss out. Now in my third year, I, like every other student, am usually up for the one drink that then escalates into a whole bottle of cheap wine and a couple of shots and a long long night out. I’ve had plenty, definitely love a good party me! But I also know from experience now that one night out may trigger my arthritis and cause me to flare up. I’m not really sure what the root of the cause is, whether it’s due to the alcohol or the staying up late, whether this happens to others with arthritis but this is the case for me. So I am careful. I know my limit (although sometimes I do go over admittedly). And then there’s the fact that I’ll usually catch myself a cold on a night outwhich will stick with me for the upcoming five weeks. So when it comes to alcohol I have to listen to what my body is telling me, as well as plan what day I take my methotrexate so I don’t drink on the same day. I don’t drink for the sake of fitting in with others, because I’m not like others. But if I want a night out fueled by excessive binge drinking whilst dressed up as Ben from Ben and Jerry’s, I certainly won’t let my arthritis stop me.

Just remember to make sure you’re not in a bad way before hand so you can truly express yourself on the dance floor. There’s nothing worse than not being able to dance, having two friends that you’ve just made lift your arms up in the air because they don’t know about your shoulder joint restrictions. I do have to laugh about that now though. So, drinking alcohol when you have arthritis? It’s a yes from me- BUT do listen to the doctors. You should also consider your medication, as you may be on different medication to myself. Truly live the younger lifestyle, and drink away, but that’s so long as your body says yes on the day too x


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