The Big Two One 

Over the weekend I turned the grand old age of 21, a milestone birthday, one which means I’m officially an adult and can no longer shun responsibility anymore. It was also the weekend my JIA turned 18, I guess that means it’s no longer JIA and now is rheumatoid arthritis, the type that adults get, reinforcing that I’m officially an adult.

I do love birthdays, who doesn’t love an event which brings the family together and a reason to eat lots of cake. Having a birthday in May is a real hit and miss, as it’s slap bang in the middle of exam season. But this year I had none WOO. Definitely a step up from my 18th where I had to sit my A Level Business Studies exam… But there was the moment where I felt saddened by the fact that my arthritis hasn’t gone now that I’m an adult. I always had this hope that the disease would weaken in its activity, gradually disappear as I got older. I thought because it’s juvenile arthritis, it might just go away by the time I’m 18. But it looks like it’s here to stay and I do need to face up to that.

Aside from that I had a wonderful weekend. On Friday my work team treated me to a nice pub lunch, the classic fish and chips and brownie. Separately of course, although it does sound like something served by Heston Blumenthal. I then met up with some friends from uni, managed to get a table at Homeslice in Covent Garden aka CG for some glorious pizza (I definitely recommend for any pizza lovers). This was followed by a pub crawl, where I led everyone in the wrong direction because I can’t read maps and am as clueless as a headless chicken, because every 21st birthday should involve at least a little bit of alcohol. And so I visited many pubs in CG and ended up in McDonalds in a bid to rid my drunkenness.

20″ Homeslice Pizza

For my actual birthday I was plagued with a hangover from the night before. However, having downed some paracetamol, by lunchtime I was ready. Covent Garden is definitely a place I love going to, it’s full of cute and quaint restaurants, shops and bars, so I returned with my family this time! I finally managed to visit Milk Train, an ice cream parlour which has been all over Facebook and Snapchat for their famous candy floss ice creams. Because of this, I just had to visit. I absolutely love green tea and this matcha flavoured sundae was such a treat, the forty minute wait was worth it in this case, gave me time for my lunch to digest! Before that my family and I went to a quirky pub for some classic pub grub! It can’t get any better than a chicken cider pie. NOM.

An Ice Cream as big as my face

So there you have it, not your typical 21st Birthday, where people usually get totally smashed, but definitely one I’ll remember x


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